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Homework Policy

     Consistently not doing homework, in itself, will not have a big effect on the final grade because homework is only 10% of it. However, without independent practice of the skills taught in class, students may not fully understand concepts. The goal is to get students to understand and use math concepts efficiently, and to teach students how to support their own learning. Please check the "Homework" page for nightly assignments. 

Getting the Most out of Testing

       When a student earns lower than an 80% on most tests or quizzes, s/he can make corrections and retake the test one time to improve the grade to an 80%. Students can ask questions during class time, come to me during extended homeroom, or during after school help time. They then make the corrections, take the retest, and know the material better. 

Math Facts

        It's REALLY important that students know their math facts. Students need to be able to automatically recognize factors and multiples, and to add and subtract, to a great extent, in their heads. When these skills are automatic they become tools, and students can use math at a more sophisticated level. They are freed up to notice other number relationships if they're not bogged down in facts. Practice them if you don't know them, young mathematicians! Come and see me for good practice. Use Khan Academy, Quizlet, flash cards, manipulatives, practice worksheets. You can do this :)

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